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What are we doing?

The labor protection management process in the company's structural divisions includes the following functions:

- control and analysis of the state of labor protection; - planning of organizational and technical measures for labor protection; - professional selection of employees in certain specialties; - training employees in safe work methods and propaganda on labor protection issues; - instilling in employees a measure of responsibility for compliance with the requirements of regulatory and legal acts on labor protection; - stimulation of the level of organization and labor protection.

The purpose of labor protection management is:

- ensuring the safety of production equipment and technological processes; - ensuring the safety of buildings and structures; - normalization of sanitary and hygienic working conditions; - providing employees with means of protection; - provision of optimal work and rest regimes for employees within working hours; - organization of medical and preventive services for employees; - provision of benefits and compensation for work with difficult and harmful working conditions; - implementation of labor legislation.

Information provision of enterprise employees is carried out with the help of:

- formation and updating of the base of legislative and regulatory acts on labor protection, informational, methodical and reference materials on labor protection issues, instructions on labor protection, on the server of the corporate network; - express - informing all employees of the enterprise about incidents at the enterprise and at neighboring enterprises; - weekly meetings held by the General Director; - alternate meetings and work meetings on labor protection in structural subdivisions; - media propaganda about conceptual solutions, new requirements in the field of labor protection, ways and methods of improving this work, and so on; - conducting meetings of the Central Commission on Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety, Fire Safety and Ecology; - in order to implement at LLC "Ferrostroy" a system of continuous training of officials and workers on labor protection issues, providing first medical aid to victims of accidents and rules of behavior in the event of accidents, the company organized training of officials on legislative, regulatory and legal acts on labor protection with subsequent testing by tests; - officials of "Ferrostroy" LLC are provided with regulatory and legal rules and internal regulations in printed form;

For active participation in issues related to occupational health and safety at the enterprise - a monetary incentive is due.


Knowledge of labor protection rules will make your work much easier and safer.


By following the rules of labor protection, you will not have problems with the management or with your health.



Not only the first persons of "FERROSTROY" LLC, but also managers, professionals and specialists of structural units participate in the management of labor protection

Occupational Health

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Ferrostroy Limited Liability Company was founded in 2007, is a leading construction company in the region and a key contracting organization of the Ferrexpo group of companies. 

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