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​Energy conservation is invariably associated with a constant increase in the cost of electricity and other energy sources.​

A complex of energy-saving measures leads to a significant reduction in energy costs. This will invariably have a positive impact not only on the economic performance of any enterprise or institution. All this will immediately be reflected in the growth of competitiveness, profitability, improvement of service quality and quality of manufactured products.

Modern directions of energy saving include saving energy resources and increasing the efficiency of the production process.

This, in turn, involves:

- application of various energy saving technologies;
- modernization of equipment and regulation of its operation modes;
- reduction of electricity losses and improvement of its quality.

"Ferrostroy" LLC uses various directions of energy saving, one of them is: heat pumps.

Heat pumps are an economical source of heat for heating and hot water systems. With the help of a heat pump, even in winter, you can take heat from the outside air to heat the room. This is possible thanks to the energy carrier or refrigerant circulating in the heat pump, the boiling point of which at atmospheric pressure is -42.6°C. Compared to this temperature, the air is warmer, even if its temperature is -20° C, at this temperature the liquefied freon (refrigerant) turns into steam.

A heat pump not only saves money, but also protects the health of the home owners. The device does not burn fuel, harmful oxides such as CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, PbO2 are not formed. Therefore, there are no traces of sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric acids and benzene compounds on the soil around the house.



In the activities of modern enterprises, institutions and companies, the most relevant and important problem today is energy saving.  They encounter it in industry, in production, in companies and offices, in social and other institutions.

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