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Modular buildings

During the period of military aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the company "Ferrostroy" LLC is actively involved in the development of projects of modular houses for displaced persons. For this purpose, we suggest intensifying the use of BIM technologies.

​Intelligent parameterization of objects

​Objects in the BIM model have intelligent parameters that allow automating various calculations, analysis and interaction with other objects

​Automatic receipt of drawings

BIM автоматично генерує креслення та документацію на основі інформації, зібраної в цифровій моделі. Це спрощує та прискорює процес створення робочих документів

Three-dimensional modeling

​BIM uses three-dimensional models to represent a building or object, allowing you to get a more complete picture of its form, location and functional aspects

Розподіл процесу проектування за  етапами

​The design project is divided into different stages, which allows you to effectively manage the process and change information according to the needs of the project

Corresponding object databases

​BIM is based on digital databases that contain information about each object. This provides a single source of true information for all project participants

​This mechanism should include several stages, starting with the identification of key areas where innovation can have the most significant impact on the business. This may include conducting market research, analyzing industry trends and new technologies, and evaluating the company's current strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for improvement. After identifying these areas, the next step is to allocate the necessary resources and funding to support innovation initiatives. This may include creating dedicated teams or departments focused on innovation, investing in research and development, or partnering with external organizations or startups to bring in new perspectives and expertise. In the construction industry, the innovation of the future may be the implementation of BIM technologies, which is happening at an increasing pace in the world, and often with state support. Regarding the application of BIM in the field of steel design, this is indeed one of the areas where BIM can have a significant impact, especially in steel construction with an integrated chain of design, production and installation. The use of BIM allows you to avoid the traditional division into CM and CMD and create complete information models of buildings, contributing to greater efficiency and reducing risks.

VIM and innovations

What is BIM?

​Speed and efficiency of design

The use of BIM greatly simplifies and speeds up the design process, especially for standard and regular objects. This saves time and resources.

Avoiding conflicts

​BIM allows you to identify conflicts between different systems and subsystems of a building at the design stage, which makes it possible to avoid problems and inconsistencies during construction.

​Improved predictability

​Detailed modeling allows you to improve the accuracy of the forecast of technical and economic indicators and reduce operating costs, providing better management control

Interconnections and functionality

​BIM helps identify and analyze the relationships between different building elements and their functionality, which facilitates early decision-making

​Flexibility and compactness

​Building modeling in the BIM environment allows you to easily change and adapt the form and functions of systems, which simplifies the development of more complex and innovative designs

Research and optimization

​BIM provides an opportunity to study and optimize the operational parameters of the building, contributing to the creation of more efficient and energy-efficient solutions.

Investments and innovations

Introducing innovations in an enterprise is a multifaceted process that requires a well-defined organizational mechanism to ensure success.

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